1 – 24 October 2022


Base. Accent. Overlay. 

 “True Colours’ is a collection of paintings that form a colour story. The palette weaves its way through these paintings – faded cyan, warm dirty pinks, ochre, burnt orange and umber. 

This body of work tells the story of familiar settings – real and imagined, indoors and landscapes, charged with an atmospheric energy that is intended to engage, resonate and add a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

My work dances the line between loosely figurative and lightly abstracted, but essentially I consider myself a colourist. Colour guides my every painting and I thrill in the endless combinations. The juxtaposition of certain hues that make a piece sing, the overlay of pigment on pigment that creates atmosphere, the dash of an unexpected highlight that throws out energy – I am constantly searching these out. 

 Revel in the colour! I hope that it brings joy.”

 Georgina Hoby Scutt


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