29 April – 29 May 2023


Happiness Is… features a highly anticipated collection of new work by Nelson artist Lisa Grennell.

Lisa’s unique silk screen-print and acrylic works often depict tender scenes which tug at the heartstrings; children and nature, beauty and nostalgia, quiet moments of joy.

Lisa shares her inspiration for this exhibition with the following words;

“Happiness Is…

It is often told that true happiness comes from within oneself. To some, happiness is found in actions and gestures. In others, the possession of something prized or worked for. It could be reaching an educational milestone, summiting the peak of a lofty mountain, driving fast down a never-ending highway, or marrying the love of your life. This exhibition is somewhat simpler but, in its simplicity comes a profound meaning in each of the pieces shown.  

Happiness. The reassuring touch of a father’s hand. The love that nature, in all her splendour, parades before us every day. Love, adventure, simplicity, wonderment, joy, comfort. This list is not exhaustive. All these things are sure to provide us with the happiness that ‘fills our cups’ and encourages us to walk through life with our heads up, so that we should not miss something really special along the way.”

 – Lisa Grennell


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