Emily’s pieces are humorously perched on the line between kitsch and curiosity-cabinet cool.

Emily Thomas

After completing a BA in Sociology at the University of Auckland in 2001 Emily pursued a career in costume design, a vocation where a knowledge of history and social theory could be integrated with artistic skills. Following eight years working as a full-time costume designer and maker at the Court Theatre in Christchurch, Emily has transitioned from adorning actors to adorning walls.

Dressed in their best, Emily’s ceramic ducks are a twist on the macabre art of taxidermy. Trophy mounts suitable for vegetarians.
Slip clay, gypsum cement, painted fabric.

Emily’s diorama boxes retain influences from her theatrical roots. Quaint 3D scenes reminiscent of old world stage sets and their spatial illusions, using flat cut outs layered against scenic backdrops.

Deconstructing vintage postcards and iconic images, Emily rearranges history to pose the question – is extinction or exploitation a worse fate?

Digital collage printed on glass & acrylic panels, mounted in painted wooden frames.

Unapologetically ornate, Emily’s cartouche wall hangings feature both original and classic images curved over a central dome. Cast frames delicately painted and aged by hand. Gypsum cement, printed image, acrylic paint, high gloss varnish.

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