Adele Stewart captures the fleeting flower bloom in enamel and silver.

Adele Stewart

A professional gem-setter by trade, Adele’s delight in flowers began as a young babe. Her child-like enthusiasm for flowers hasn’t faded since then, in fact it has intertwined with her other passion; making.
Adele’s intricate creations seek to celebrate the sweet yet fleeting moment when a little flower blooms, in all it’s tiny perfection and beauty. Her work is detailed in it’s botanical reference, dreamy and eminently feminine.

“Do you appreciate the little things in life? Me too! Bluebells, snowdrops, foxgloves; all delicate little beauties.”

Viburnum with it’s clusters of flowers arranged in a ball shaped cluster, is also known as snowball plant.

The whole pendant, from the top of the bail to the bottom of the lowest flower measures 30mm (1 1/4 inch)

Each individual flower measures 7mm (1/4 inch)

Every flower is shaped and enamelled by hand with care and attention to detail.

These little creations are all slightly different, due to the handcrafted techniques used.

The enamel reacts to the slightest of changes in the process of the crafting. This gives each flower a unique charm, with subtle flares of colour and changes in the texture of the silver. Each piece ends up a bit of a surprise, just as nature intends.

Made with sterling silver, glass enamel and glass beads

All components are also sterling silver.

This pendant also comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

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