Jenny Wilson

Jenny Wilson is a first generation New Zealander of British and Chinese descent. She graduated with a Diploma of Ceramic Art from Otago Polytechnic in 2018. Traversing questions of identity, meaning and belonging, Jenny finds solace in the landscapes and cycles of the natural world.


The women of my mother’s family kept silk moths. Remembering her stories, and my ancestors, I have recreated these light mysterious creatures in white porcelain.

The brown clay moths are the moths of my childhood; heavy-bodied dusty beauties beating against cupped hands, or resting on darkened windows.

Some moths are pinned and framed in reference to museum specimens; others rest on circles – an ancient Chinese symbol of the cycles of life, and of the cosmos.


Created using the Japanese technique of kurinuki (carving out), these vessels remind me of the cycles of destruction and creation in the earth beneath my feet. Living on the lower slopes of Banks Peninsula, the shearing force of earthquakes has particular salience.

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