Clare Reilly

“My work has layers that express a dreamlike quality, serenity and a sense of joy and uplift, a calm and lightening of the spirit. We live in times of constant change and challenges, my work offers a place of meditative, dynamic calm to rest within.
My painting career began in 1976 with my first exhibition in Wellington with a group of six other emerging Wellington artists. This was to be the beginning of my lifelong journey in painting. I have continued to exhibit around the country, mostly solo shows, throughout the decades since, and many paintings have gone overseas. The desire to paint was strong enough to sustain me through the early frugal years, and it continues to be the driving force in my life.

A passion and excitement for working in my studio has not left me.  I was to spend 4 decades of my painting life with fellow artist and partner, Max Podstolski, until his death in 2017. Our styles were completely different but the collaboration of creative ideas and energy that we shared, helped strengthen our commitment to our work and to each other. As my work has evolved over the years, the themes of connection with the natural environment, loss of habitats, and the need for awareness of protecting what we have remaining, have been important aspects of my paintings. I have been involved with various conservation projects that have enabled me to give something back to the protection of wildlife and the habitats they need to survive.”

– Clare Reilly

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