“I am Ran Turner and over 45 years ago, in my 20s, I began experimenting with creating 3D sculptures from a single sheet of metal. This moment of creativity was inspirational, but short lived.

It took another 15 years before I revisited my sculptures. This time with new ideas, I had a successful five years of creating and selling them in galleries in New Zealand and Australia. It was an exciting time in my creative space, but my career and family took priority. And so, in 1995 I reluctantly put my sculptures into hibernation.

Now thirty years later, I have rediscovered my creative spirit once again; recreating some of my whimsical caricatures (Ranimals) from the past and some new, venturing into larger indoor kinetic sculptures, and pursuing my photographic passion.

Each sculpture is handmade. I take one strip of metal (usually brass or stainless steel) and after multiple carefully designed cuts, with bending, twisting, folding, I transform it into a three-dimensional sculpture. No glue, soldering or bolts are used.

Creative lighting and careful placement (using air movement from fans, heat pumps, or human touch) can enhance the kinetic and reflective properties of my sculptures.

I have been inspired by many great creatives over these years, especially, Alexander Calder, Len Lye, Joan Miro, Michael Leunig, and Gary Larson. Add to this my interest in European paper sculpture (popular in 1880-1920) and three-dimensional wooden puzzles – my sculptures are like puzzles to create. These influences give you an insight into why my kinetic sculptures have a humorous, quirky, and philosophical twist!

And yes, creating whimsical creatures out of metal is good brain gym for a seventy-year-old!”

– Ran Turner

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