Kirsty Nixon

I think if art is part of you it finds you at a very young age. Although I constantly drew and painted constantly as a child, I first took it seriously as a watercolor artist and started selling my work at eighteen alongside other full time work. I spent time in advertising pushing my brain to explore words and imagery and still enjoy the clever boundaries design and literature can push. The artistic pull was strong though and I chose to become a full-time artist in 1997. Although it can be such a rewarding, frustrating, joyous, terrifying occupation I can’t imagine not having it in my life.

I paint mostly now in acrylics but am really pleased that watercolour was my medium of choice at the start as I think it is a great medium for teaching you discipline and patience. In 1994 I switched to acrylics and have been enjoying their freedom and impact ever since.

Although I have explored other subjects I am constantly drawn to the New Zealand landscape in it’s various guises. My imagery is based a lot on viewing through native plant life onto a scene, almost as if we pulled back the leaves and were just within reach of our unique coastline or dramatic rolling hills. Having worked with just the landscape for a long time I have recently started including various New Zealand icons such as the caravan or boat shed which implies a sense of warmth and a holiday connection for every ‘kiwi’.

I have always had an interest in portraiture and am challenging myself by exploring this avenue currently alongside the work I am best known for. Although it tests me in ways I haven’t experienced in a while, I am relishing the challenge.

I live in Auckland with my husband and two wonderful children who seem to happily tolerate canvases at various stages of completion throughout the house.

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