Nic Tucker

Nic graduated from Dunedin School of Art in the early 90’s, and went on to teach for over two decades.  She regards Art a huge part of her life.  She has exhibited around NZ in various medium, and has awards in drawing, oils, photography, sculptural work and printmaking.

 I have a passion for drawing and spend many hours on each piece before carving. The carving process then creates it’s own energy in the final work.

These works are created from multiple blocks to create  a singular image. Each of the blocks are individually inked – the colours mixed to give the work life, the blocks layered upon each other, on the cotton based paper, and then wound through my press until the final image is revealed.

Marilynn Webb showed me this adaptation of Japanese Woodblock prints;  at Dunedin School of Art in the early 90’s.

 I love printmaking.”

 “I have worked and travelled around NZ, from the Deep south, where I was born, to the Far North, and lots of places in between.  Over my life time I have grown a deepening understanding and love for our country, our whakapapa, our connection to our land, a connection that as individuals, we all have. This is the inspiration of my works. I translate my love of Aotearoa through an adapted Japanese style woodblock technique.” 

– Nic Tucker

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