Harriet Millar

Harriet is an artist based in Christchurch who works with acrylics and occasionally oils. She is inspired by New Zealand’s landscapes, flora, and fauna. Her interpretations involve substantial layers of paint, using bold and loose brushstrokes with hints of unexpected colour.

Enjoying the emotive connection between her works and the buyers, Harriet says, “I am especially happy when a person has bought a painting of mine and contacts me to let me know what it means to them; a flower their mother loved or a place they were married. It’s their stories that motivate me.”

Harriet exhibits at several New Zealand galleries; The Artists Room (Dunedin), Turua Gallery (Mission Bay, Auckland), and The Frame Workshop and Gallery (Herne Bay). Harriet has exhibited with Little River Gallery several times, including twice being featured in our biennial ‘Flower Show’.

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