Christine Maynard

I was born in the deep south, Tuatapere, gateway to Fiordland. I grew up among some stunning scenery but it wasn’t really until I travelled the world that I saw just how special it was.

I am a Christchurch based, self-taught artist painting semi-abstract landscapes that are earthy and textural. My paintings are inspired by New Zealand landscape, particularly Central Otago, Mackenzie Country and Canterbury. 

My works are descriptive of landforms shaped by both natural forces and man. Weathering, erosion and human activity lead to an ever-changing terrain.

There is often a touch of both flora and water in my paintings that allude to the idea of the land sustaining life.

The paintings have layers of colour and texture through which I chisel, scrape, eliminate, add back and interact with the painting to reveal the essence of a landscape.

I hope painting our NZ landscape may encourage the viewer to recognise the beauty of the land and to feel responsibility for looking after it.

WINNER of the Morant Foundation New Art Award 2018 (Christchurch)

FINALIST in the Arts Gold Awards 2019 (Central Otago)

Little River Gallery
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