“Ever since I can remember, I have held a fascination with maps, globes and exotic locations. As a child growing up in Auckland I would spend many hours looking through old National Geographic magazines and hunting down vintage tin globes, each one unique and full of inspiration.

My globes are created partly in response to these early treasures, and partly as a response to my struggle to find a sleek, modern globe. This, combined with my training as a traditional gilder and designer, first culminated in the creation of unique, handcrafted geographical hemisphere artworks.

Soon after, I began to create sculptural world globes. These elegant spheres spin effortlessly, while their sinuous lines and intricate gilded detail offer something new with each turn. The level of detail and accuracy in my pieces can only be achieved through many hours of crafting by a skilled artisan. The detail of the coastlines and islands is very precise and the end result is a unique and beautiful artwork, which over time will continue to patina and age as the land itself does.

Created in my Dunedin studio, my artworks are hand-made from spun aluminium, painted meticulously, and painstakingly hand-gilded. They are strikingly modern, technically slick and beautifully capture our Earth as a world unimpeded by the distraction of man-made borders and labels.”

– Luke Calder

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