Jasmine Keir

Oxidized Copper Artist  

My 22-year career as a full time artist in a variety of mediums has enabled me to participate in art events and exhibit in galleries throughout New Zealand. 

My most recent love has settled with copper. Creating and understanding the pure alchemy of the colours I can achieve using a vast variety of  natural ingredients to oxidize has become my passion for the last 6 years… the magpie in me collects all manner of objects to embellish my works offering a completely unique contemporary art piece each time. I am self-taught, using many books and the internet…and of course the guidance of the great masters for design and pattern are an influence for sure.

As I travel it has generated a genuine interest and love for my surroundings. Through the delivery of using beautifully changeable copper I am able to express my interest of our connection and growth in relation to our natural environment and the connection between man and his impact…or lack of impact, the lapsing of time forming historical changes in habitats and behaviour.  

For something light-hearted I adore using the way our human tongue creates a play on words or when I get that earworm song lyric or title of song which sits inside my head for days like a little beating drum, I release it by breathing life into it using my hands and tools.  

I marvel at the magnificent space, light and clarity that Aotearoa offers us. I marvel also at the details in the smallest of pebbles in the darkest of corners. I can’t help but pause to observe minute patterns that hide wrapped in the cloak of large wide-open spaces. I delight to spend a while wondering where the folklore people live… I find this an easy pleasure to transfer to my art pieces.  

I deliver to you works of a raw industrial finish, often set off with delicate embellishments to highlight our earths precious and near forgotten ‘gifts’.

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