Juliet Best


Juliet Best celebrates the atmospheric beauty of New Zealand’s coastlines and landscapes with her art. Her paintings often feature highly textured land-forms that are hand gilded with softly glowing gold-leaf. The many layers and rendering of the gold-leaf lends a subtlety and luxurious elegance to the paintings.

Juliet is a Wellington based full-time artist and has painted Aotearoa inspired flora, fauna and landscapes over many years.

My latest paintings, include strong horizon lines and my ongoing work with gold leaf celebrate the beauty and moods of New Zealand skies, landscapes and water

I live and work by the sea in Island Bay, always observing and loving the ever-changing southern skies, sea and coastlines.

My extensive work with gold leaf and texture mediums on canvas or wood panel shapes is an important part of my art practice. My love of painting New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and our native birds, flora and fauna over many years is finding real maturity and evolving in new and exciting directions.”

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