Whilst studying at Oxford University, Anna developed her art, working and attending classes under world-renowned tutors at the prestigious Ruskin School of Art. She studied Philosophy of Aesthetics and was particularly taken by Kant’s concept of the judgement of taste; the idea that art generates an intuitive emotional response and thus beauty is innately powerful in its own right.

In Anna’s words, ‘though I enjoy pieces that provoke intellectual stimulation, this is secondary to the primary purpose of a work. It must make you feel something.’ Her pieces are designed to evoke an instinctive sense of beauty.

Since moving to New Zealand, Anna has trained with the illustrious Judy Curnow, a protégé herself of the globally acclaimed artist Tim Wilson. Anna’s work has benefited from the addition of new techniques, such as a modern interpretation of traditional glazing used by the Dutch Masters, first developed by Tim and handed down via Judy.

Anna is interested in conservation and fortunate to live on a rural lifestyle-block populated by many native birds and plants. Her art is inspired by her daily observations of the interaction between native flora and fauna. Capturing the natural beauty and character of this is integral to her work. She is deliberate with her composition and, whilst her work is detailed, she describes her subject with neither abstraction nor absolute realism. Preferring instead to play with colour, form and light to highlight the character of the individual subjects and create a powerful yet delicate aesthetic.


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