Fane Flaws


Fane Flaws was born in 1951 and has spent the last 48 years working successfully in a variety of media.  He has worked as an artist, musician, songwriter, graphic designer, painter, and writer/illustrator/publisher of children’s books.  He has been inducted to both the Massey University Design Hall of Fame and the NZ Film Archive Music Video World of Fame.  His recent work includes painting, print-making and sculptural assemblage using found surfaces. His most recent exhibitions include ‘Almost Serious’ – 200 works looking back over 48 years, part of the 2018 Hawkes Bay Arts Festival, ‘The Plastic Flower Show’ with Jo Blogg at Muse Havelock Nth and the group show ‘Inside Outside’ at Millennium Gallery Blenheim. His methodology embodies the kind of uninhibited attitude that professes a humorous yet cunningly poignant employment of both material and subject. Fane Flaws has been exhibiting throughout New Zealand in various one person and group shows since 1984. He holds over 40 awards for his directorial work in film, music video and television, and his work is represented in private collections within New Zealand.

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