Philip Beadle

Previous exhibitions:

“Sitting somewhere above Akaroa or Lyttelton Harbour with the sun in your face, the smell of dry tussock, the sound of crickets and human activity drifting up on the light breeze. Possibly a wee nap before reluctantly packing up my sketch book and heading home with a painting in mind.

I have enjoyed working with colour and light, especially reflected light from a low sun on water agitated slightly by some wind. The human form can be handled the same way almost and I have relished switching from one to the other with the same palette going at times.” – Philip Beadle


Philip works in oil, water colour, drypoint and monotype. Philip’s immediate environment in Christchurch, the city scapes, Canterbury plains and mountains are a source of inspiration. He meets regularly with a life drawing group and the female nude forms a large part of his work.

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