Anna Balasoglou


Anna Balasoglou has been creating contemporary jewellery for over thirty years. She’s known for her bold and provocative works which she describes as “not for the faint-hearted”. Anna was an early innovator in jewellery, her work has appeared in many magazine and newspaper fashion spreads, commercials, on catwalks and also TV shows Like Hercules and Zena, Warrior Princess. Over the years Anna’s work has been sought after and worn by many well-known New Zealand designers, TV presenters, musicians, artists, actresses and models.

Anna is driven by the pursuit of contemporary work, never tiring from the work of the creator, always trying to conjure up a unique piece that can say something about our times. She is creatively inspired by people and human creations such as art, design, fashion and architecture. She is also inspired by the beauty of nature, landscapes, weather and seasons.

“Jewellery is the perfect creative outlet for me. I’m always thinking about applying my views, feelings and humour to this art form. I’m driven to produce things that have not been done before as well as doing old things in new ways. I’m inspired by other contemporary jewellery, art, fashion, design and culture in general. I like to surprise people and make them think. Often my work at first glance has a humorous aspect but is also has a deeper meaning. Though sometimes I just want to make a beautiful piece for the sake of the stone and the colour of metal!” 


Little River Gallery
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