It has been a long, hot summer. I am taking the colours from the hillsides and the trees and telling their stories. Every day in the studio harvests new expressions of this. 

Sun. Breeze. Shadow. Cicadas.

How to express the long, lazy glow of the late afternoon sun as it drapes across the treetops? The shady shadowed river reflections, how they contrast with the dry, bare grasses and the stones of the riverbed. 

This body of work explores my unending curiosity of light on the land. Illumination of the landscape.

There is always light in my studio and my love for painting is constant and unchanging.

Georgina Hoby Scutt


 “…Sun and the smell of the gum,

we built instead of the pines,

hoisting with ropes limb to limb

planks from the timber yard;

and the other day we would use 

the ropes as swings . . . .


A friend once swung to a roar

some forty feet up–

the highest of the summer–

the rope tied to nothing more

than a peg of a limb.

The whole next week he was King.”


Sam Hunt

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