When planning this exhibition with Jane, a lot of our conversation was about ancient history. Rocks and stones hidden or exposed revealing another time.

For me the painter, this body of work is about parallel existences. This land of birds, where we can find ourselves not hearing the songs. In this land of tangata whenua, we can rush forward forgetting history. In this urban landscape, we can flick the mountains into a postcard view. The ocean and all its vastness can become a beach day.

This is a momentary interruption of the parallels that never intersect. A moment to wonder at the miracle of our existence on an extraordinary planet.


The title of this joint exhibition has inspired ceramic vessels both rich in texture and subtle in a glaze palette of soft teals and aqua tones. There are two series of forms, one suggestive of a boat form for a sole occupant and the other an open void with curvaceous outline and landscape appeal.

I often incorporate a focus on time, land and travel in my ceramic themes and this exhibition explores marks and patterns I have collected from my travels and living in different places. Freshly left footprints on a path ranging to archaeological stone carvings from an ancient time are incorporated in, “Traces from another land” series. The curved forms of, “A vessel to hold memories” series could be clouds, coastal bays, landscapes and the interplay between accessing the interior to the exterior via three small portals is a nod to my children flying the nest and roaming free.


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