“You spot a figure approaching through the fog … or sliding away through the shadows – friend or foe?

Your eager eye catches a glint in the gold pan; spots a kindred spirit amidst the chaos; focuses on the distant finish-line…The outcomes could be life-changing.

And while we deal with these glimpses, these side-long glances…circling high above, who is watching us?”

Ashley Smith


When it comes to illustrating in both a complex philosophical idea into a clearly understood and comedic message, no one surpasses Ashley Smith.

His political, environmental and cultural observations have long been fodder for his artwork and much appreciated by many, an aggravation to a few.

Over the years he has worked as a book illustrator and cartoonist for publishers in New Zealand, Australia, England and America.

These days, aside from taking on occasional portrait, illustration and design commissions, Ashley paints and sculpts, towards his themed biennial art shows at Little River Gallery.

He has been engaged in ‘lost wax’ bronze sculpture since 2006 and most years attends an annual bronze-casting retreat in the Wairarapa.

His highly recognisable style and potent observations have lifted Ashley into the realms of a cultural New Zealand icon.

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