Hello Sunshine

Lisa Grennell

9 April – 3 May 2022


You are my Sunshine

My only Sunshine

You make me happy when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear

How much I love you

Please don’t take my Sunshine away.


A song my grandfather would sing when I was little, as he bounced me on his knee.

 Something really comforting about reminiscing times when life seemed so simple and happy.

 I recall my grandparents fussing over their vegetable garden.

“I would never buy something I can grow myself,” my grandad would say. I often wonder what he would say if he was alive today.

 Although the World has changed since those times, there are still so many similarities. My grandparents’ just knuckled down to ride out any storms, and continued the day-to-day challenges as that was all they could do. I admired my grandparents determination and strength. It is something I hold onto when I lose a bit of my own sunlight.

 There is something magical about watching the sunrise, and the feeling of its warm embrace. Like a big fat HELLO!!… another day has begun!

 Followed by the big encore as the day nears its end, the sky fills with colour as the sun begins to fall beneath the earth.

 A promise for tomorrow.


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