The Flower Show

Georgina Hoby Scutt, Galina Kim, Kerry Fenton-Johns and Harriet Millar

25 September – 26 October 2021


The Flower Show

Celebrating the season’s proliferation of vibrant blooms, ‘The Flower Show’ is a timely homage to Spring, interpreted by four artists who are all new to exhibiting at the Little River Gallery. 

What exactly do flowers show?

For a careful observer they show the fragility and power within us.

Flowers show us that regardless of our colours, shapes, characters, places we live in, we can bloom freely simply by allowing all that we are to shine.

-Galina Kim 

Galina Kim is an award-winning Christchurch artist renowned for her contemporary acrylic and mixed-media works. Her artistic studies focused predominantly on textiles, and this influence is evident in her rich, visually tactile style that is distinctively her own.

Motueka artist Kerry Fenton-Johns paints in both acrylic and oils, expressing her love of nature through her intricately detailed botanical paintings. Kerry paints mostly in a realistic style, inspired by the contrast of light and dark and the use of subtle tones in the natural world.

Informed by her print and pattern design background, Nelson artist Georgina Hoby Scutt develops distinctive earthy colour palettes and paints with broad expressive brushstrokes. Working across a range of media, her work is primarily semi-abstracted landscapes, still life and portraits.

Christchurch artist Harriet Millar’s works are hugely inspired by her love of New Zealand landscapes, flora and fauna. Painting mainly with acrylics, her interpretive style involves substantial layering of paint with thick loose strokes and hints of unexpected colour. 

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