Nick of Time

Lisa Grennell

30 January – 23 February 2021


If you could turn back time would you change anything?

I would.

Be a better mother and not wish the years away.

Listen, learn and be patient.

Not work my arse off, missing the special little moments we take for granted.

STOP! And be present.

Motherhood is brutal…

We are our own worst critics. Striving for perfection (whatever that is). We forget to applaud the tantrum we survived without wanting to commit murder.

The fact that we worked a 40hr week, cooked dinners, homework, held a civilised conversation with the hubby, whilst managing to keep the house from looking like a crime scene. Or defusing a near riot over the bathroom, dishes, chores, remote…. pretty much everything.

Even consoling the teenager whose phone just died and they can’t find the charger.

That no matter what you say or do, its wrong.

Being uncool (if only they knew just how cool we were). Yet they strive to be us.

Today my children have grown and having children of their own. Though it seemed like yesterday they were all screaming and pulling on my apron strings.

I miss it…

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