Ben Reid, Hamish Southcott & Tania Bostock

28 August – 22 September  2021


Ben Reid

Ben Reid is a Canterbury based printmaker whose interest lies in the fragile relationship that New Zealanders have with the natural world.

Reid’s prints have encompassed portraits of historical colonial figures, elaborate flora Victorian wallpaper patterns, native fauna both threatened, thriving or extinct.

He brings together a myriad of references that draw attention to the complexity of our relationship with the natural world that has been both exploitative and beneficial to humanity.

Yet his images retain a faith in the redemption of this relationship with nature.

Hamish Southcott

Hamish Southcott is a multi-disciplinary artist working in mixed media, sculpture and printmaking. Hamish has a passion for environmental issues and a preference for using reclaimed materials. Hamish seeks to create well-crafted, beautiful pieces of art that highlight the inherent beauty of reclaimed materials. These materials are too valuable to simply discard, so Hamish enjoys the challenge of transforming reclaimed resources into unique works of art. Hamish’s recent work explores the human influence on New Zealand’s rich and diverse natural landscape.

Tania Bostock

“My Paintings are Strong, deliberately Imperfect, and Beautiful.

For me painting is emotive, and a great deal of time and thought goes into each creation, which comes solely from my imagination. I am drawn to texture and contrast, and my process consists of straightening and perfecting, then pushing the paint in a freer, less controlled manner. I find both approaches necessary, working in multiple layers with each.”

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