Hidden Essence

Christine Maynard

1 May – 25 May 2021

“The paintings aim to reveal the essential nature – or soul – of the landscape.

There are many hidden layers beneath the surface. These are depicted by multiple layers of texture and colour, often revealed by scraping back the top surfaces.

Each painting shows that the landscape is inherently transient. There may be solid rock in one area of the painting transformed to shifting sand in another area. Or there may be a snow-capped mountain in one area transformed to a flowing river in the other.

The paintings show this evolution in a “deconstructed” way. All the elements of the landscape exist together in a “patchwork” of mountain, glacier, river, field and sky.

The paintings are another way of seeing the natural environment, but with a familiarity that appeals to our emotions . . . hidden essence . . .”

Christine Maynard

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