Environs & Inspirons

John Emery, Mark Dimock & Martin Cole

27 February – 23 March  2021


John Emery

“My painting process usually begins with a single object. Following several preparatory sketches. I then start the process of adding other images, as well as fabricated bits and pieces. Using a combination of fabricated tromp l’oeil paper objects and the underlying painted surface, I hope to create work that is both completely familiar and yet new again. Like life itself, each work resonates with both the story and history associated with some objects, and the imagined potential of others.

As an American down under for more than 37 years, I realise I have become addicted to the Southern Latitudes and the continuously changing landscape of New Zealand. The bounteous flora, fauna, landscape and weather provide a rich smorgasbord of images, never static.”

Martin Cole

Martin Cole’s interest and pleasure of the natural world direct his themes and his environmental concerns led him to work with found materials. His artworks, referred to as assemblages, are shaped as much by the objects used as the creature depicted. Cole’s insects, birds and frogs come to life formed from objects of a previous life, a doorknob, coin or cutlery. Varying metals are skilfully welded together creating interesting patinas and textures.

He studied Fine Arts at East Sydney Technical College in 1989 and has been working with metal for around 8 years and lives in Lyttelton.

Mark Dimock

Mark’s 3D pieces are made from found materials. Old fence posts, provide the timber for his bird bodies and rusted steel form the wings and details. Pieces of abandoned farm equipment have sculptural qualities that are well used to support the birds and form conceptual contrast and physical support for the sculptures. Mark has great skill mimicking the natural stance and movement of birds on the wing and as they alight.

Mark Dimock has been living and working in Eketahuna since 1980 where he has established a large studio workshop and gallery. He has exhibited widely in New Zealand and held more than 40 solo exhibitions and many group shows.

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