Authentic Whisperings

Vashti Johnstone

31 July – 24 August 2021


A serene love note of compelling scope, Vashti Johnstone’s latest collection, Authentic Whisperings, undertakes an intimate and raw narration of vulnerability and strength, an exploration of exposure, balance, reflection and release.

Echoing men and women known to Vashti, people who are present and others who have gone before her, Authentic Whisperings explores the tranquillity of people as they expose their flaws and vulnerabilities to the light, attaining wisdom, legitimacy and peace within the authenticity of their own skin. Hearing ones calling, this is a series that celebrates the beauty of a most passionate life, a life where happiness and fulfilment is reached through acknowledgement of self.

Using her trademark charcoal and paint, and inspired by the words and works of the late Leonard Cohen and classic rock band, Hunters & Collectors, Vashti’s layers of colour transport the viewer on a painterly journey of choice, self-value and peace.

‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ – Leonard Cohen

‘Shed your skin and let’s get started’ – Hunters & Collectors

Review by Pip Goldsbury



In this SkiN

Immeasurable layers,

Sheddable coats.


Knowings felt.


Generations shared, tellings and learnings of being in skin.


A hard look in the mirror,

Always choices, a change in attitude

Or change of the tune.


A lighter wisdom

Of a quiet becoming.


Like light entering a crack.


An authentic whisper

In this skin.

 By Vashti Johnstone


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