The Road Less Travelled

Philip Beadle

4 April – 5 May 2020

Works may be purchased by emailing the gallery

or call 021 325 074

Delivery or pick up as required.

“We didn’t realise how pertinent this title would be as we spend a month in quarantine. Thanks to the well-worn roads of the internet though I can still deliver you a look at paintings often inspired by something seen on my bike. Whether from the Summit Road on Banks Peninsula, a more intimate scene in Hagley Park to beside a river in Arrowtown, I continue to be inspired by the quality of light from a low sun. Often evening and sparkling on water, which deliver contrast and warm, vibrant colours. I hope these paintings lift your spirits over the next few weeks.”


On the verge of the day,

water shimmers upon the bay.

Artists journey on the road less travelled,

scenes recorded and later dabbled.

Body curves and river bends,

their inspired beauty transcends.

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