The Anatomy of Melancholy – Part III: Lost & Found

Simon van der Sluijs

6 June – 30 June 2020

Large charcoal drawings challenge with their strong emotional content yet have a stillness which stops the viewer in their tracks.  ‘Journal of Loss’ –  40 small monochromatic watercolours is a project in itself and acts as a diary of Simon’s thought process.

Drawings and watercolours show the emotional side of ‘losing and finding’; the loss of innocence or youth, the loss of those we love and the process of coping.

Mixed media dogs varying in size from the very large to the very small.  We are not sure if they are lost or found.  Each dog has its own narrative, but together they remind us of unconditional love, and that they too can understand loss.


Reverse, reflect all life’s long years,

the beauty, strife and all the tears.

I’m older now and have scar tissue,

my childhood fears are still an issue.

I’ve had great luck and love and such,

I’m somewhat haunted, my art’s a crutch.

Come on out and see the show,

have a laugh, it’s not all woe.

I’ve never been a big conformer

life’s a circus, I’m a performer.

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