Clare Reilly

26 September – 28 October 2020


Inner Land       

Standing at the edge of the Inner land

Looking within and out again.

All is clouded and clear with

Insight, foresight, hindsight,

and still much unknown.


There was a time when,

the land was stilled and hushed.

As if resting, from the itchy human activity,

the earth sighed with relief.


The wind played its song

over the ridge lines and

the voices of birds rang out clear

into a cleaner, quieter air.


The streams chattered down into

gullies of bush and ferns, and the

passing of days were, at last,

observed by many, from inside

their bubbles.

A time of meditative connection

to leave distractions of everyday life

and find the meaning in being.


Now take me to those Inner Lands,

on the journeys of the mind,

where coastal forests give way

to the place of dreams, and

the mind can settle and rest,

and sustain the momentary

beauty of existence.

Clare Reilly September 2020

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