Josh Bashford & Fatu Feu’u

31 October – 25 November 2020


Abundant Life        

Abundant life embraces a sense of connection, to family faith community, and the natural world, and particularly to the places we call home – in Bashford’s case, both Samoa and Little River in Canterbury, NZ. A stunningly beautiful series emerged from a visit to Samoa in late 2019, when he reached to the beauty of the natural world there to find equilibrium in the midst of the measles epidemic.

Fatu Feu’u explores motifs of Pacific and particularly his Samoan culture but with a strong modernist interpretation, in paintings, limited editions and sculptures. Fatu has established a distinctive style, which sees him recognised as one of the leading New Zealand Pacific artists.  

Feu’u joins Basford in their second duo exhibition at Little River Gallery. Feu’u’s abstract, exuberantly colourful paintings sit happily beside Bashford’s dynamic prints.

The pair met in 2011 when Josh, then a student at Canterbury University Fine Arts, was introduced by the head of school to Feu’u who was that year, ‘Macmillan Brown’ artist in residence. Feu’u showed an interest in the young Bashford’s work and soon a firm friendship was formed. Their shared Samoan heritage, faith and desire to foster creative outlets for young Samoans has seen them travel and work together in Samoa. They have shared experience of life’s adversity, they relate and inspire each other artistically to many and diverse creative endeavours.


Islands apart, soul connector.

Collaborate for creative endeavour.

Figure, feather or gesture.

Lines that draw us together.

Pacific partners forever.

Megan Gainsford

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