Jane Downes & Mark Dimock

23 Nov – 17 Dec 2019

Metal most lustrous,

rusty yet wondrous.

Feather to frond,

a weld to bond.

Cut and bend,

results transcend.

Jane Downes

Native Plants – Our National Heroes!

Championed as coins, silhouettes cast against the sky are captured and imprinted. Represented in the full round, the powerful structure and symmetry of the Nikau.

“My Sculptures are Constructed rather than Carved, crossing the boundaries between Natural and Man made Forms, the Domestic and Industry, Architectural and Domestic Scales.

I see my work as A Celebration of Heart and Mind actively involving my Viewer from Interactive or Wearable through to Challenging and Untouchable.”

Mark Dimock

New Zealand contemporary artist Mark Dimock has been living and working in Eketahuna since 1980 where he has established a large studio workshop and gallery.

Mark enjoys using influences from primitive and ancient cultures such as Egyptian and Native American art. He inlays rustic wood with polished steel, aluminium, copper and brass. Mark’s 3D pieces are made from found materials. Old fence posts, abandoned farm equipment and rusted steel form beautiful outdoor sculptures.

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