Loves of our Lives

Llew Summers & Robyn Webster

6 April – 1 May 2019

Llew Summers

This is a collection of recent work from Llew, half of which has not been shown before. One group, on mythic themes, explores the human condition metaphorically. The remaining work treats the human body in Llew’s traditional manner, exploring the joy of movement as a celebration of life. All the bronzes are initially carved in wood or marble and are from editions of seven.

Robyn Webster

This printmaking technique which I have developed came about from my explorations with harakeke / NZ flax and fine art over many years. I sought to bring these threads together and plait them into one form of expression. I make the figures, objects and textures, and hand print them in different colours and compositions to make one-off but related pictures. I am also hoping to evoke an emotional response to the material itself. Loving this plant, learning the traditions around the gathering and processing of it, has taught me much about our place in the universe. It would be great to see a resurgence of natural materials such as harakeke into everyday use, and for us to continue to innovate alternatives to single-use plastics.

More broadly, my work asks questions about how we see ourselves in relation to our environment and to each other. In this body of work I am considering my relationship with Llew, my love, and with the concept of Love itself.

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