Flight & Flourish

Kathryn Furniss & Wendy Matenga

21 Sep – 15 Oct

The fanciful floral and faunal paintings of Kathryn Furniss and Wendy Matenga feature in the September/October exhibition at Little River Gallery. Vast, sweeping skies featuring soaring gannets evoke feelings of flight and freedom, while framed in foliage against lush backgrounds native birds flourish, sitting silently, inviting you into their story. Vessels from the past convey a retrospective view of a woman in the home. Required to work with nature to make things flourish, hands ask the question “are we offering or taking?’

A self-taught artist, Kathryn Furniss draws her inspiration from pacific landscapes and NZ’s native flora and fauna. Painting in both acrylic and ink, her style involves the building up of many textured layers, beginning with loose abstract washes, her final brush strokes are more controlled and detailed. Kathryn has successfully exhibited throughout New Zealand and internationally for 14 years. Her body of work in this exhibition incorporates painterly skies, moody landscapes and the native flora and fauna that she’s best known for.

Also a self-taught artist, Wendy Matenga’s works always start with her lovingly capturing the light on the delicate petals of flowers with her camera, she then likes to push the boundaries of floristry with her paintbrush. Wendy seeks to portray the emotional vibrancy flowers offer, when displayed in the home or gifted by a loved one. Lessons from nature; soar beyond the ordinary, flourish from within.

Both Wendy and Kathryn reside in Nelson, NZ.

Kathryn Furniss

Wendy Matenga

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