Beautiful Beasts

Lisa Grennell

9 March – 3 April 2019


And then we fell in love with them…

The animals painted in this exhibition are from our farm. Booboo the Highland cow is the main subject, because of her sweet nature (and the fact that she is my favourite). From my experience as a beginner farmer and animal lover, I believe early influence on both human and animal can be similarly profound.  However I am a realist regarding the consumption of animals. I don’t eat meat – so perhaps I have an unusual perspective. 

 Booboo, eerily painted in her majestic beauty, surrounded and almost hidden by the reflective surface of the black mirror- like background, the viewer too is captured in the reflective surface, a comment on human impact on animals. This Plato quote comes to mind and challenges our thoughts…

‘Is there something distinctive about humanity that tries to justify the idea that humans deserve moral status, but non – humans do not? ‘

Within this body of work I’m celebrating the beauty within every creature. Real moments captured are a reminder of an innocence untainted by society. In contrast to the black paintings are some pure white images of children, along with animals, and their imaginary adventures. This emphasises the preciousness of children and their innate connection with nature.

Little River Gallery
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