Hidden treasures from the gallery vaults


Excavating our stock room we have brought some hidden gems to light.

Historic through to recent works will be displayed in an exhibition unlike any we have held before. Any artwork can be taken on the purchase day for the ticket price, no need to wait until the end of the show. You can also take the silent auction option, make a respectful written offer to the artist. At the end of the show the highest bid will be considered, perhaps it will be yours, a chance to get an artwork ‘for a song’.

Delve into the wonderful paintings, sculptures and prints by emerging and established artists. Some of the participants are Robin Slow, Brent Forbes, Anna Dalzell, Chris Pole, Jane Downes, Hamish Southcott, Carol Stensrud, Chris Moore, Rae West, Jane Downes, Jill Perrott, Barb Warren and many more.

That esoteric artwork that has haunted you for years may be back to tempt you, others may seem like old friends, whatever it will certainly be a diverse and intriguing show.

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