Full Circle

Tania Bostock & Hamish Southcott

9 February 2017 – 8 March 2017

Hamish Southcott

My art covers a broad range of mediums, including sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, and furniture and I typically create one off pieces. I’m passionate about sustainability, so where possible I use reclaimed materials. I believe salvaged materials have an inherent beauty that should be showcased.

In New Zealand, we’re fortunate to have a rich landscape, that is the envy of many. These artworks draw on our diverse landscape and looks at the burden that society has and continues to have on this beautiful part of the world. Our actions today, have far reaching consequences tomorrow! I sought to reflect these contexts in artworks that convey the present and my hopes for positive change in the future.

Tania Bostock

My Paintings are Strong, deliberately imperfect, and beautiful.

For me painting is emotive, and a great deal of time and thought goes into each creation.I am drawn to texture and contrast, and my process consists of straightening and perfecting, then pushing the paint in a freer, less controlled manner. I find both approaches necessary, working in multiple layers with each.

Tania Bostock has lived in Nelson for ten years. She has always had an interest in art, and because of the success of her paintings it was a natural progression to become a full-time Artist.

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