Water Song Cycle

ClairReilly14 WEBvite
1 October - 29 October


Water Song Cycle

A southerly storm roars over the dry parched land, with a clatter of hail and beating of rain.

The trickle of a stream becomes a torrent and hurtles in a rush to the sea.

 Everything in it's path shifts and adapts to the change of flow.

 The storm abates and the sky, land and bush are washed clean.

 Lush dripping tree ferns replenish the forest floor with  moisture, that seeps into the fissures in the ground.

 Water sings through the valley again, in streams that dance down to the coast, where they slip under the  reflective mirror of the sea.

 Water, the elixir of life, forever continues on in the Water Song Cycle.

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