Wakamarama - Robin Slow

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17 April - 15 May


Ko Parapara te maunga

Ko Mohua te taki wa

Ko Te Tai Tapu te moana

Ko Te Waitapu te awa

Ko Huriawa te taniwha

Ko Onetahua te marae

Ko Te Ao Marama te whare

Ko Robin te taku ingoa

‘Na Tane i toko, ka mawehe Rangi raua ko Papa, nana i tauwehea ai, ka heuea te Po, ka heuea te Ao.’



The works are a weaving of different forms and motifs using the kokowai and paint to bind them. It is the interweaving of stories and histories from the people and the whenua (land) expressed in visual form. The forms, traditional and contemporary are derived from the past to express the present. They work the light of Te Ao Marama between the spaces of Maori and Pakeha conventions. It is the ‘space between’ tapu and noa, male and female, life and death, past and future. It is a space that is active and responsive.

The marks are produced by the paint, which is often from the kokowai stone gathered from Parapara Maunga (mountain). The stone is ground and mixed with binder. The patterns painted reflect the tukutuku and kowhaiwhai of old. They are the woven and painted works found in the ‘spaces between’ in the wharenui (meeting house) that not only enhance but also re-enforce the histories of the pouwhenua (carved ancestral figures) that stand vertically in the wharenui.

The gold leaf started with the journey of telling the history of gold-mining in our area, but it soon became a reflective light that allows the paintings to change with the different lights from differing times of the day to reflecting on them. The materials used are part of the story of the works. They are not ‘landscapes’ but are the whenua, the whenua and its inter-connectedness with the events of people, manu (birds), moana (sea) and plants.

Robin Slow

April 2013


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