Tipping Point

12 May - 6 June


I live and paint in a beautiful rural Bay on Banks Peninsula, surrounded by the ruggedness of the landscape and the constant and ever changing rhythm of the sea.

Change is constant, something you can either embrace or ignore. Either way, change challenges us all.

This exhibition is entitled ' Tipping Point ', inspired by that point of change that drives us all, to try new things and to let others go, to change the way we think and act.

My paintings express this excitement, the doubt and apprehension that change forces on us all, urging me to try new things and to let others go.

In 'Mad as a March Hare', we have a lady suspended, her thoughts in the cloud, searching to find where her next step in life in will take her, while below normality exists.

For the Hare, March means madness, no fear, a month of change and a new era begins and the excitement of the unknown.

Like the Hare, when I am in 'My Zone' as an artist in my studio in Port Levy, my imagination takes me to places unknown, experiences and thoughts unheard of, and it is through my paintings that I can truly express these feelings. 

Where they will lead me is unknown, but just like the Hare, that is what inspires me.


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