Te Maara o Tane

Robin Slow2015WEBvite
18 April - 13 May

We are on a continuum, on that spiral between the spaces, from the beginning to the end: we travel in the world of Te Ao Marama, this world of light and shadow. The time is marked by the bird chorus at sunrise to the dusk chorus in the evening. These birds are our kaitiaki (guardians) that mark our path, lead and guide us. It is a reciprocal arrangement for we in turn must care and protect them.

Stories of this land are interlinked with those of ‘nga manu’. The great traveller Maui changed his appearance into a number of birds at different times to give himself an advantage in his ‘tricky’ campaigns. His stories are one of the many that show the special relationships and keen observation that went into the creation of histories that belong specifically to this place. They go to the very centre of our identity.

What do we make of all this when our manu are silent?

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