Sole Extraction - Josh Bashford

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13 February - 12 March



1. the undersurface of a person's foot.

2. a type of fish.

3. one and only, single, solitary, lone, individual...

4. a call to a man- Samo an



1. origin, family, ancestry, descent, race, stock, blood, birth, pedigree, lineage, parentage, derivation

2. taking out, drawing, pulling, withdrawal, removal, uprooting, extirpation

3. distillation, separation, derivation

After five years at the University of Canterbury the last year has been about figuring out the next steps to take as an Artist. In the last months a studio space has come together in what was once my Dad's workshop. The recent delivery of a customised printmaking press has has also meant I could get on and print the many woodblocks I had carved in the wait. These are the first works to be extracted in the new set up.

Alongside my practise as an Artist I have also been working part time as a 24/7 Youth Worker at Lincoln High School with any other spare time being dedicated mostly to fishing.

I would especially like to thank:

My family, for their ongoing support.

Neil, Maggie and Joseph Morrison, without whose help the studio would not have happened.

Edward Snowdon of Manuka Machines

Joe Schroeder for the fishing tips!

Josh Bashford


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