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3 August - 31 August

Ben Reid

“Print work produced 2016 is a continuation of themes of NZ’s preservation. Narratives within each work consider isolation, regret, time passing, acknowledgement of our history, where we live and what NZ is, and what it means to us, also about hope and optimism, and accepting and learning from our mistakes.” 

Reid brings together a myriad of references that draw attention to the complexity of a relationship with the natural world that has been both exploitative and beneficial to humanity. Reid recognises there are no easy solutions yet his images retain a faith in the redemption of this relationship with nature.  

Tim Wraight

"The works for this exhibition come from 2 different streams of my work. There are 2 carved cubes of Totara wood in which I explore the laying of pattern onto a strong form, with a whimsical approach combining dancing figures and a quite formal pattern.

The other group of works; old hand tools refashioned for ‘ritual’ purposes, with new carved handles and decorations of feathers, fibre and found objects, give reference and reverence to rural traditions and pre mass production industry, and the people who powered these tools with their physical selves. As a hand tool user I am aware of the intimate relationship with the material that the user obtains and indeed needs in order to succeed in their work. Sound, sight, touch, force and a feel for the interaction between material and tool all come into play.

I am drawn to the beauty of hand forged steel, and learnt from my grandfather how to use and maintain these simple but efficient objects." 

Marahau artist Tim Wraight has been a practicing sculptor for over 25 years. Traditionally trained in the art of whakairo - Maori woodcarving at Te Awhina Marae in Motueka, he follows in the footsteps of his forbear John Henry Menzies of Menzies Bay in his love of wood as a primary material. Tim has a strong interest in pattern, both the patterns of the Pacific world and the folk motifs of his European heritage, which he  adapts and utilizes in the expression of ideas around our culture, the natural world, and our place in it.

His large works have regularly appeared in most outdoor NZ sculpture shows, and also grace public spaces, marae and private collections both here and internationally.

Solo exhibitions based on his ongoing project ‘Enclave’ which explores the culture of his community at Marahau have ben held at The Suter Gallery, Nelson, and at Mahana Gallery at Woollaston Estates.

In 2013 Tim was the recipient of the Sculpture on the Peninsula Award.

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