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7 August - 3 September

Anna Dalzell - At the Bay

I have been observing our home and garden in Pigeon Bay and have been drawing and painting with the seasons. In late summer the garden is full of Belladonna Lillies. They also grow wild around the bay, along the road sides or in what was once someone’s garden and is now a paddock. Looking out the window the summer months are punctuated by the orange flare of Bird’s of Paradise. The dry hills beyond. The form of particular trees interests me. Pines, macrocarpas, willows. Growing, withstanding winds and salt. Some, landmarks that stand the test of time. Autumn brings prolific abundance in the orchard.

Now winter is here and the branches are laid bare, waiting. Sitting in a room with a view I have been making quiet observations of this paradise. Finding moments of calm with line and colour.

I continue to be influenced by Japanese traditions in art. The Art of Rita Angus has also inspired this series of work. ‘As a woman painter, I work to represent love of humanity and faith in mankind in a world, which is to me, richly variable and infinitely beautiful.’   (Rita Angus, from her statement of ‘Aims’ in the 1947 Year Book.)

Ben Reid

The subject of Reid’s work have encompassed hunting trophies, Victorian wallpaper patterns, native flora and fauna, exotic predators, Butcher shop signs, rabbits, three ducks up the wall, wild deer, a lighthouse keeper’s cat and birds such as the endangered Brown Teal and the extinct Steads Bush Wren. Reid brings together a myriad of references that draw attention to the complexity of a relationship with the natural world that has been both exploitative and beneficial to humanity. Reid recognises there are no easy solutions yet his images retain a faith in the redemption of this relationship with nature. 

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