Meantime invite single
10 July - 7 August

Earl’s freeze-frame, action packed blockbusters deliver concise, provocative messages. Nostalgic colour and crisp line from a sure hand in acrylic on canvas. He uses the image context of 19th Century Western America, the genre of 1950’s Pop art, juxtaposed with current ideas in text form. These vibrant paintings appeal to the playful heart and the thoughtful mind.


In the past, my work has often drawn on the concept of nostalgia, personal or universal. I work across a variety of genres, from landscape and gestural portraiture in memory of figures iconic of an era and location, to photography and pop- styled renderings striving to endow them with provoking substance.

Meantime revisits the Comic books of the mid 20th century. I’ve drawn from some of the best known artists of the genre, including Jose Luis Salinas and Rod Reed, both of whom developed characters such as “The Cisco Kid.” Another reference point was the work of Romance & Action comic artists Jack Kirby, Johnny Romita and Mike Sekowsky.

Interested in the notion of synergy, I attempt to manipulate and juxtapose images and words to create scenes and contexts that give new meaning to both.

Earl Tutty

Exhibition Gallery