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11 June - 9 July

Painting, and the action of painting within these works has given the chance to bring the head, the hand and the heart together. (In the traditional sense of the red, black and white). It is a continued exploration of the connectedness within the world we exist and live, a pathway to give meaning to our lives and the actions and thoughts that we have.

They are visual conversations not just when completed but in the process of working. They converse with the internal view as well as the external viewer.

The conversations use conventions gathered from a variety of influences not only from the traditional artists and their works but also a variety of others that have left their marks in some form.

When approaching these works it is not as an illustrator but as a teller of visual stories using paint. Within one work there may be many different stories or histories. Nothing is explained in a linear manner but rather as a spiral moving backwards and forwards, connecting different aspects including different times. There is no beginning, middle and end.

The stories are based on keen observation, the passing on of information and the establishing of a set of values and approaches. They are of this place which is easily recognisable.

The materials used including paint and leaf bring in their own parts to the story. The kokowai collected from our mountain to paint with, the gold that tells of the area I connect with, is all brought together to expand the pieces.

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