Jacqui Gibbs Chamberlain

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12 May - 10 June

On a recent trip to Asia for my father’s birthday, I was surprised by my personal reactions to the masses of people who surrounded us.  Constant  movement, pressure, noise and smell.

We as human beings are always competing against one another, for food, shelter and survival, and like the animal kingdom are in the race for survival of the fittest, living on our instinct.This was highlighted on my return home, confronted by the power of mother nature in her deliverance of the earthquakes.

I couldn't paint, just surviving, living on instinct, always on edge.  When I did start to paint again I realised I was expressing that same instinct of survival, living on the same high level of adrenalin.

Why did I paint animals?

Animals live on adrenalin and instinct every day of their lives – predated by others, surviving through the sometimes cruel seasons of Mother nature.

I have created many overlapping ideas and images about instinct through the use and vibrancy of colour and movement and texture of the paint.

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