21 March - 16 April

Lisa Grennell -Through the eyes of a child the world is a whimsical place.

Inherit is passing knowledge down from generation to generation. It is sentiment, values and respect. It is what influences the imprint we leave on this planet for future generations.

This body of work explores inherit from a child’s perspective and in retrospect the impact modern technology has on our children.

The use of glitter refers to the ‘inner child’, giving ‘life’ in a fun and charismatic way, whilst the children remain dormant but yet subverted. The ‘paint by numbers’ aesthetic is a nostalgic look at my childhood of moments spent painting at my grandparents’ house; creating a sense of comfort and the importance of family. The monarch butterfly is a theme that runs through my work; it has a capitalist undertone yet symbolically refers to life and death. Quoting author Richard Bach, “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly” 

Maria Middlebrook-Wells 

I am interested in the protection of our beautiful flora and fauna. It saddens me that we have already lost so many of our species and that there are so many more on the endangered list. We should all consider ourselves as guardians of the land and consider the impact of spraying chemicals to control insects and weeds through to taking undersized fish and shellfish. It all has an effect and comes at a price.

My latest works look at the past & present of New Zealand Flora and Fauna. I have chosen these pieces as representations of the diversity of Natural New Zealand.

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