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31 October - 27 November


Monstrous irrigation dinosaurs devour shelterbelts and hedgerows in sweeping circles in Canterbury. The lack of wild spaces affects birds and creeping things. In Little River, David Lloyd pulls us back to a time of charming story books where quirky copper creatures go about their business in a whimsical, fanciful world where chainsaws have not been invented.


I was born in Hampton Court and came to New Zealand in 1973 in my early twenties, I lived in Golden Bay and soon became involved in the art and craft world. I was involved with a few shops and galleries around the country. I sold leatherwear, bags, belts and sandals. I eventually ended up in Canterbury.

The ‘Artist Quarter’ was my main outlet wear I took orders for leather foot wear and also where I first met Angela and Stuart of the Little River Gallery. After we lost the A/Q I ended up with a stall at the Art Centre, for several years until the country was over-run with cheap imports made by cheap labour in a foreign country somewhere. ( so what has changed ? )I am now into completely different things. I love working with copper which is  in some ways similar to leather. I still make patterns and copper is quite malleable, as is leather.

I do have a thing about trees, to me they are precious. In a past life I think I must have been a woodsman, subsisting on what I could make from the materials available in my surroundings.

Unfortunately Canterbury is losing its trees and hedge rows. Progress dictates new trends. Massive dairy farms consume the landscape and clear vast tracts of land. The lack of wild places affects the birds and other creeping things. Monstrous metal dinosaurs arch their way across the countryside irrigating in huge circles, from high up they look like very crude crop circles...As we have seen lately the elements have taken a toll on the trees. The wind has its way and so does the chain saw beetle…

Large trees can be brought to the ground in moments for petty reasons such as falling leaves that block gutters, roots that invade sewer pipes, and interference with Internet or TV reception or, just because  they are in the way of progress.(even if they are so called protected.}

The chain saw beetle can strike anywhere at any time.

David Lloyd


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